NAVTOR is today one of the world leading providers in Digital Navigation serving more than 5.800 vessels around the globe. We have in our portfolio digital charts & publications, a full range of software’s to simplify tasks, increase efficiency and improve operations, to make life easier and safer and more efficient for navigators and shipowners.

With unrivalled experience, knowledge and understanding of navigational technology, we are constantly finding new ways to apply digital technology to deliver powerful performances value and benefits for our customers. But we also understand that even in a digital world paper charts is still important piece for many shipping companies.

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Passage Planning Software Module

Appraisal and planning of upcoming voyages has never been easier.

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Pay As You Sail ENC Subscription Service

A flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective way to navigate.

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Seamless Updating of Navigational Data

The most elegant, compatible solution that means no more DVD shipments.

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