Admiralty Maritime Data Solutions

The Admiralty is the main source of data for navigation both as regards cartography and for the publications distributed through its own products or through dealers such as Navtor or C-Map.

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data that helps others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world’s oceans.

Working with a wide range of partners, we source, process and provide access to this data, ranging from seabed to surface. This is key to helping people make the best use of our oceans in safer, more secure and more sustainable ways.

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AVCS - ADMIRALTY digital chart services

ADMIRALTY digital chart services offer the world's most comprehensive official maritime chart coverage

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ADP - ADMIRALTY Digital Publications

The ADMIRALTY Digital Publication bring simplicity, flexibility and speed to passage planning and navigation.

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AENP - ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications

ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENPs) are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available as e-books.

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