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The clock is ticking for you to equip your ships with ECDIS to meet the mandatory new IMO legislation. It’s a headache that’s not going away.
The implementation schedule is clear and with all the planning that’s needed, you’ve got less time than you may think. You’ve got a small mountain to climb and by acting now, you’ll put yourself in the strongest position for a successful transition before the pressure really builds. You’ve got a lot to do: identify your compliance deadline; choose a supplier (there are many)!; train your crew; establish operating procedure; survey your ships; draft a risk assessment; draft an installation plan; install ECDIS; expedite chart supply contracts and delivery logistics.
Complicated isn’t it?!

Waiting until the last minute to implement ECDIS is not an option. For many operators, the biggest obstacle to switching to digital navigation early is cost. You may think of ECDIS as simply as another piece of legislation to comply with and choose to wait until the last minute to part with your valuable cash. But there’s actually a compelling financial and safety case to implement soonest and gain an advantage over your competitors:

  • Increase your navigational safety - according to DNV research,
    deploying ECDIS reduces grounding frequency by >30% and
    grounding is the fourth highest contribution (12%) to marine fatalities.
  • Optimise & automate your route planning using weather & tidal data,
    cutting your transit times and saving you fuel.
  • Eliminate your direct costs for paper charts and your administration &
    logistics of getting paper charts to your ships and the time needed to
    manually update them.
  • Allow your crew a longer transition period to paperless navigation so
    they acquire competency and confidence long before the deadline,
    easing pressure.


iECDIS offers you a complete solution to paperless navigation to meet all the requirements of the legislation and much much more. We’ve developed a number of free guides to assist with every step of the way. Read on to find out how iECDIS can solve your compliance requirements and deliver major operational benefits over any other ECDIS.

iECDIS Software

You’ll want a trusted ECDIS software platform that’s proven over many years to be stable, free from bugs and backed by continual investment & development from a major organisation to make it future-proof. That’s just what you get with iECDIS. Rest assured it provides all ECDIS functionality as per the IMO performance standards, but there again so do all ECDIS so we won’t bore you with all the legislative features. With iECDIS though, you get a series of unique software features that give you a real performance advantage:

Powered By Jeppesen*, A Boeing Company – The Heart Of >20,000 Marine ECDIS/ECS Worldwide

Unique Compressed SENC format for fastest updates and low data charges
Once you’ve installed your ECDIS, the speed and ease of managing chart updates is the major factor in using your system. That’s why we offer the iECDIS Jeppesen ENC service in a unique format to make updates quicker and cheaper.

One DVD rather than multiple CDs saving hours in installation time
When you need to do a full chart database update, with iECDIS you’ll complete it in ~10-minutes from 1 DVD – that could be the difference between you sailing and being detained!

*Jeppesen, a Boeing company, has been creating charts for over 75 years. All commercial aircraft navigate using Jeppesen instruments and charts!


iECDIS™ Hardware

Your ECDIS is going to get lots of use and that’s why its standard of design & construction is so important when deciding which system to choose. Beware of glossy pieces of mass produced panel computers resembling consumer electronics – they won’t last in the harsh environment of your bridge like iECDIS will and you’ll face big bills to replace them, if they’re not already obsolete when they need replacing.

iECDIS is MED approved providing “Intelligent, iChart, Innovation” - rest assured it provides all ECDIS functionality as per the IMO performance standards, but there again so do all ECDIS so we won’t bore you with all the legislative features. With iECDIS though, you get a series of unique features that give you a real performance advantage:

  • Heavy Duty Military Spec’ Hardware – Built
    to last, supported for life
  • Integrated GSM Modem Option – Fully
    Automatic Chart & Notice To Mariner
    Updates avoiding VSAT charges
  • Fanless Operation with no Moving Parts –
    Maintenance free, extended life
  • Multi-Power Operation With Auto Changeover
    – No Need for Additional UPS
  • 32GB Solid State Drive (SSD) - won’t wear
    out like conventional hard disc drives
  • Anti-glare screen – Eliminating reflection by ~
    99% improving contrast, colour & brightness




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