• Quality policy

    To accomplish our policy, we have set these simple objectives:

    provide our clients with only quality products and services;
    provide our clients with the best value of our services and expertise;
    verify if our products and services are actually meeting the customers' expectations;
    ensure that our personnel is fully trained and qualified.

  • Mission

    It is the policy of C&C Shipping Solutions to provide competitive products and services, which fully conform to the requirements and expectation of our customers.

    Our overall quality objctive is to continually improve customer satisfaction by operating efficient, practical and quality system, striving to exceed customer needs at every opportunity.

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  • C&C Shipping Solutions S.r.l.
  • Via Borzoli 109 Q/R
  • 16153 Genova
  • Tel. +39 010 6001830
  • Fax +39 +39 010 6518941
  • Email info@cc-marine.com

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